you the symphony

September 7th, 2010 - posted in: bands

You The Symphony

is a great band out of the Pittsburgh area.

We took Luke and the boys around town to shoot a few pics

in anticipation of their new CD release

Empty Room Philosophies – Jonathan

a little eye trickery for your viewing pleasure if you will.   -tif

ha ha, we call this one happy little heads.

there was actually a blind man behind us who had with him a narrator.

Hearing him describe what we were doing was hilarious! -tif

i wish i had someone narrating my entire life!

Unless it was something like the narrator in Stranger Than Fiction.

that would be a little unnerving. – Jonathan

more heads.  -tif

amazing Tiffany! – Jonathan

thanks guys, we had a great time getting kicked out of places with you.

good luck, and happy birthday Luke!  -coopers

PS. Don’t forget to check out these guys myspace page!

You The Symphony

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  1. Ashley McClammer Says:

    these are so awesome! so fun

  2. Christina Montemurro Says:

    Wow! What a fabulous set of super-creative, unique photos, in one of my favorite parts of the city. I used to park next to that green building every day. It’s refreshing to recognize the Mellon Institute, but see that you used it in a completely different way. I’m really impressed.

  3. Emily. Hi. Says:


  4. ashley Says:

    I so love this shoot! Makes me wish I was in the band. :)
    I’ve added you to my google reader, you’ll see me again sometime!

  5. Natalie Says:

    These are so awesome and amazing. I love all of these pics. I am going to also check out the band..I love finding out about new ones in the area.

    Great work once again. Boom.

  6. Tracy Says:

    Great pic’s Coopers!

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  • iwrestledabearonce @ diesel

    April 6th, 2010 - posted in: bands

    I followed around friend and writer for noisecreep, jay dinitto at the iwrestledabearonce show at club diesel last week.

    while we were waiting for Steve, we hung out beside the dumpster,

    ha ha Mr. bigs.  -tif

    Its funny cause your not!- jonathan

    jay dinnito is my favorite.

    even though he took my wife to see iwrestledabearonce and not me.

    …and is that a life in your way shirt your representing?

    i remember you being in that band!- jonathan

    Krysta Cameron,vocalist, and Steven Bradley, guitarist, picked us up at the diesel dumpster,

    and we headed to the bands van for the interview.   -tif

    i feel particularly attached to this photo, yet nothing really to say about it?- jonathan

    is it me? or does the top half of this picture look like a grey big eyed alien?- jonathan

    after jay’s interview, we went inside for the show.  -tif

    wow.. she seems pretty hardcore.

    its been a long time since i saw a girl scream like this.

    or wait..  i mean scream like this at a show.

    i’m pretty sure this is what you look like when your mad at me.

    just kidding :)

    I love you tiff- jonathan

    i’m not so sure about that.  (the yelling part) -tif

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    1. Jay Says:

      A few things:

      1) I could’ve gotten you in Jonathan…if you weren’t such a churchaholic :)

      2) With your blessings, I am stealing that first photo for my blog photo (and giving you credit of course).

      3) Yes that is a LYW shirt. One of the oldest.

      4) These are great photos.

      That is all.

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