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sarah and sam at the warhol

September 16th, 2011 - posted in: weddings

how cute, not only did sarah and sam get married at the Warhol museum,

but they did it on his birthday!  -tif


the things you two thought of for this wedding.

amazing details! – jonathan

love this sarah.  -tif

very nice in indeed Sarah :) – jonathan

hip hop at your wedding?

oh yeah! :) – jonathan

free time means we get into trouble.

does that count as maternity pictures?  -tif

 Sarah and Sam = two super duper peoples.

i hope we get some time to hang out when your visiting Pittsburgh from London!

or better yet…  howabout an invite to London :) :) :) – the coopers

you know what they also equal?

Spaghetti Love! (click here)

comments for “sarah and sam at the warhol”

  1. paul mc Says:

    this set is so freaking great…possibly my favorite-est ever!!

  2. joey kennedy Says:

    Great job and congrats on the feature!

  3. judy tiberi Says:

    Aaaahhhh ….. such a lovely evening, wonderful guests at the sweetest of occasions….best of luck, long life and much happiness. Tbank you for the memory!
    Cuz judy

  4. Katia Says:

    Hi Coopers…these are so much fun!I love looking at your different and yet exquisite work!You are truly artists and have an amazing ability of telling a story through clean, crisp and fun images!

  5. Melanie Says:

    This is one of the coolest things EVER.

  6. piet Says:

    I dit not get the picture, but wish them all the best and a load off happynesssssss!

  7. indah lukito Says:

    Congratulations for your wedding. That is awesome! Amazing pictures and design with Andy Warhol!

  8. Carlyle Says:

    This is insanely cool. Great idea and fantastic photos !

  9. Sarah & Sam Says:

    Thank you everyone! We really appreciate all the kind words. We couldn’t have had a better wedding, better guests, or more phenomenal photographers. Thank you so so much. Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Cheers from London : )

  10. coopers Says:

    Thanks Jason! They did an incredible job putting this together. It was an honor to be there with them throughout their wedding.

  11. Jason Rosewag Says:

    This was not only a beautifully organized wedding but an experience in culture and art which I will never forget.Start to finish these pictures are amazing never seen it done so well.Thank you for the Warhol Experience.

  12. coopers Says:

    Thank you so much matty and Barbara!!

  13. coopers Says:

    Wow!! Thanks Aryl! That’s a more than super comment!

  14. matty and barbara Says:

    warhol would be proud. super photos great angles nice balance of color and black and white.

  15. Aryl Bashline Says:

    Having taught about Andy Warhol, met his relatives and know his work from books and visiting the museum, he would’ve loved everything about your wedding. Being a photographer myself, my favorite is the photo with the shoes. Priceless! The best of luck to you both!

  16. Susan Russell Says:

    These pictures make me so happy! I have gone back and forth twice and intend to go through them again. You are both very dear to me, and I send you love and patience and imagination. Those are 3 keys that will open about a million gigantic locks.

  17. Beth Says:

    GREAT job, once again, you Coopers you.

  18. Kayla Says:

    Oh man THESE ARE SO COOL!!!! Such creativity, Sarah. You in a nutshell.

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