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leanna + bryant = kennywood love!

August 19th, 2010 - posted in: engagements

ahhh kennywood ahhh!

i love kennywood, so i can’t tell you how siked i was

about shooting leanna and bryant’s engagement pics there.  -tif

oh and before we start, we have to say thanks to jeff,

he put up with all our wondering nonsense for hours and saved so much time.

thanks for being awesome!  -tif

I’m pretty sure i did something goofy to my neck for these shots.

but it was so worth it. – jonathan

amazing shot tiff!- jonathan

Can i say that kennywood was just about the hardest place to shoot at we have ever been to.

It was also one of the most rewarding places to shoot at ever!

Thank you jeff for bumping us to the front of the lines

and for trusting us not to maim someone with our gear as we rode the rides. – jonathan

this is so cute!

love it -tif

yup, leanna let me coat her diamond in sugar-y goodness.

thanks for that!  -tif

oh, this is sweet jonathan.  -tif

ha ha, we waited here for so long for the ride to start!

finally jeff, went over and got them to run it empty,

I guess there just weren’t any riders.  -tif

Thanksya Lindsey for being a human light stand for us as well as carrying our gear around.

you are completely awesome

and we will miss you so much as you move to New Orleans :(  – jonathan

bryant, thanks again for all the pda,

i know this shot made you super uncomfortable.

i hope it was worth it :)-tif

love this shot tiff.

you two were awesome!  it was a long hot evening.

you did an incredible job with all the crowds and the rides.

thanks for giving us great pictures! – Coopers

comments for “leanna + bryant = kennywood love!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I’m Leanna’s big sister and LOVE these pics! Nice work!!

  2. jackie Says:

    My new favorite shoot! So cute, and so Pittsburgh :)

  3. alisha Says:

    adore the last shot

  4. jamey Says:

    I will be honest… I cried! You guys made my baby sis and her sometimes-awkward (hehe) honey look amazing! This shoot totally captured who they are and how much they adore one another! This made the wedding feel real for me now! Can’t wait for the big day!

  5. Leanna Says:

    So happy to see the final product! Even with the sweaty rollercoaster-blown hair, you guys did an amazing job capturing bryant and I! PDA awkwardness with strangers watching was SO worth it! Cannot thank you both enough… AND LINDSEY TOO!!!!!!!

  6. natalie Says:

    I love this shoot! How amazing….I LOVE the one of her eating the cotton candy. So adorable! I am so glad you asked me about these guys! They are phenomenal.

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